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Shahid Kapoor Ken Ghoshs Chance pe Dance starring Shahid Kapoor with dance as the subject of the film, seems to be a biography of the actor. The film, according to sources, is strikingly similar to Shahids real life. Produced by UTV Motion Pictures, the film has Genelia D- Souza as the female lead. Pointing out the many similarities between the real and reel in Shahids life, a source says, The film is about how the protagonist, played by Shahid, enters a reality show before being rejected a number of times. In real life too, Shahid went through numerous auditions before he got his break in Ishq Vishk. Also when he was an aspiring actor, Shahid would travel in his second-hand car which is similar to what his character does in the film. His character, during his struggle and before being selected in the reality show, actually lives in his car as he isnt financially well off, though that is not quite the way Shahid lived. The source continues, Another instance is that of Shahids school days when he played the role of a tree in one of his school plays. His mother loved him in the part and this too is a part of the film. The closest and the most identifiable part of the film is Shahids incredible dancing skills which he is constantly honing and this is also an integral part of the film. The source says, Basically, the film speaks about Shahids journey as an actor and the success he has achieved in real life. Shahid confirmed the news and said, Yes, there are many scenes in