Genelia D’Souza Endorsing Samsung Cell Phones

Samsung Cell Phones has gone a new route in identifying itself via celebrity endorsements. At the launch of the Samsung Ultra Touch, a slide camera phone featuring an 8 megapixel camera, Genelia D’souza was on hand to help endorse the phone. The 22 year old Mumbai born actress, wore a white dress as she endorsed the product, something she is getting more opportunities to do. It seems Samsung Cell Phones is turning to the Bollywood star just when many companies are too. In addition to the Samsung Cell Phones deal, D’Souza is also the ambassador to Fanta Apple as well as Spinz Deodorant.

So why did Samsung go the way of Bollywood? For one thing, that part of the world is continuing to advance, technologically speaking, and the population continues to grow. Bollywood stars such as D’Souza are no longer just popular in Bollywood, rather they are popular in Hollywood, too. Indeed, it seems with a star such as D’souza, all the bases can be covered. And likely a lower cost than Hollywood stars.

Yes, Samsung Cell Phones has Unlocked Cell Phones marketing secrets with this deal. They got a well known, young beautiful actress to sign on with them. Best of all, her career is just now blossoming, so they have yet to see the best to come. Not only that but she has reach in other countries where some of our biggest name Hollywood stars simply don’t have pull. And yet, there is still more to this star that keeps the flow of unlocked cell phones marketing secrets coming. She is fully grounded with a secure head on her shoulders, no drama and taking for granted from this girl. D’souza is quoted as saying “I am God’s favorite child; I believe that God has always been kind to me.” This certainly sounds like someone who is not getting caught up in fame, but rather is keeping a level head and is thankful for the gifts which she has been given.

This author certainly thinks a deal like this will go a long way for Samsung Cell Phones. How could it not? They have their phone on a market that is booming and they did it with a smart, young bombshell who is only growing in popularity. Couple that with the fact that her popularity is spreading to the more Western world and you have a truly flourishing marketing campaign. It seems inevitable that Samsung Cell Phones Ultra Touch will do just fine with D’souza in their corner.

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