The Switch House Awards in Bindass Big Switch TV Show

Big Switch is the biggest reality TV Show on UTV Bindass which changes life of some slum buddies. Recently, host of the Show, Genelia D’Souza awarded the guys of Big Switch from some awards.

The Show is based 10 superrich and 10 slum buddies. Each superrich are paired with a slum buddy. Superrich have to perform some task to change the life of slum buddies. In this Show, Super rich are performing some tasks to lift the life of slum buddies.

Now, Big Switch is in final round. There are only 4 pairs in Bindass Big Switch TV Show. In the early morning, they get to know about their task from a letter.

In this task, they had to sell some vegetables in the street of slum. They get a basketful green vegetables. They carried the basket on their head and wondered in the street of slum to sell that. Earner of more money will be declared as the task winner. In this task of Bindass Big Switch, Pooja wins the task.

In the afternoon, Genelia introduces herself in the house of Big Switch and gives a new task for slum and superrich both. In this task, they had to sell fishes. To perform the task, contestants had only 30 minutes but Pooja gets 45 minutes because her partner was not there.

This task is also won by Pooja in Big Switch on UTV Bindass. Now, Genelia introduces some awards to all buddies of Big Switch. The award category was very similar to the Show genre.

Kavita receives the award for crying. Awards of drama queen goes to Pooja. “Kumbhakarna” award goes to Samir in Big Switch. Kavita receives another award for “Feku” No. 1. “Jhagralu” awards goes to Sidharth. “Flert” No.1 award goes to Abhishiek. Mohita was in the category of Sexy No. 1. Finally, Sunsilk Miss Beauty Queen award is received by Pooja.

Finally, Big Switch chooses top 3 finalists. Now, the top 3 finalists have to survive for the winner contest. Bindass Big Switch Life Palat Jayegi is a very unique reality TV Show which is based on the social service.