Welcome the New year with New Bollywood movies

The new year will see many new Bollywood movies releasing back to back. Hindi film lovers will be treated to a visual fest with several films with A-list actors will hit theaters. The hype surrounding them has already got bigger with promos being aired on TV and also trailers being shown in the theatrical releases of other big releases. Filmmakers are gearing up to release their movies on pre-decided dates as they don’t want to clash their films with other biggies as it will make them share their revenue with them.

There are many New Bollywood movies lined up to hit theaters soon- Shahid Kapoor- Genelia d’Souza Chance Pe dance, Hrithik Rosahn and Aishwarya Rai Guzaarish, Naserudin Shah, Vidya balan and Arshad Warsi starrer Ishiqia. Other major releases in the coming year are Kajarare, Housefull, Rajneeti, Paathshala, Rann, Veer, Hook Ya Crook, Patiala House and many more. The list is endless and it seems that a flood of movies is ready to sweep over the audiences.

Many of the above mentioned films are in the post -production stage and some are nearing completion, but there is already a buzz abut them. Every little detail is lapped by the movie lovers with great interest and the media too ensures that they provide an spicy dose of gossips to them. It is interesting to note that every time a film’s release date comes near, speculation of the alleged affairs of the lead couple become the talk of the town. This is a kind of marketing strategy employed by the filmmakers to garner huge publicity for the film.

Now a days marketing of new movies is done online also as several websites cater to the latest releases and users can gather a lot of information about them beforehand. There are also various contests being held online to arouse more interest in the latest releases. Users participation ensures that they know about the Bollywood new releases and also there is a huge temptation to watch them on the big screen. The mall culture and growing number of multiplexes has made movie- watching a pleasant and a comfortable experience. People also do not mind paying a high price for catching up their favorite stars and enjoy their time with an exciting dose of Bollywood larger than life films